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Selling your Home
Home Sale Prevention 101

So you have decided to sell your home, done all your homework and, in your mind, you are ready to go. The market is good and you are expecting offers sooner than later.

And then…………………..nothing happens.  Oh.Oh. What went wrong? Are you guilty of Sales Prevention?  Probably!

Here are some classic sales prevention techniques, in no particular order.

  1. Price your home according to what you need to get out of it.
    Potential buyers don’t care what you need. All they want is a fair price.
  2. Don’t be motivated to sell.
    Your lack of motivation will show in your pricing, the condition of your home, your inflexibility etc.
  3. Let Fido set the showing schedule.
    The quickest way to send a potential buyer to the competition is to deny showings because your dog Fido is in the house. Be prepared to make alternative plans for Fido.
  4. Keep all your clutter.
    “Potential buyers will have to envision the house without it”. They won’t.
  5. Don’t get a market evaluation.
    Price your house based on rumour or what Uncle Joe thinks. Here’s how rumours work without fail. Seller’s claim a higher price than actual and buyers claim a lower price than actual. Enlist the services of an impartial appraiser or REALTOR
  6. Hide things.
    Cover up those defects and hope they won’t be found. Wrong! You are trying to sell a house not buy a lawsuit!
  7. Don’t showcase your home.
    Same as #4. Don’t underestimate the importance of first impressions.
  8. Remain emotionally attached to your home.
    For some folks, this is the hardest one. Sorry, once it is for sale you will need to think of it as a product.

Here’s some ideas on how to sell your home

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  1. This precisely is why Realtors are so important. You always have to spend money to make money.