Apr 272010

London’s city council has decided to not allow backyard chicken coops in our fair city. Personally I am relieved. Can you imagine a hot, sweltering July afternoon in a neighbourhood where the backyards are small and close together, crammed with chicken coops. What about the manure? City slickers might actually get turned off of eggs altogether.

As a REALTOR ®, I wasn’t looking forward to comparing homes with and without chicken coops. Someone would ask.

It took council what seemed like forever to come to terms with overnight parking. Thankfully  this one was cut short without getting bogged down debating maximum number of chickens or perhaps neighbourhood exemptions.

Egg farmers rejoice!

  2 Responses to “London city council didn’t chicken out”

  1. cluck,cluck,cluck

  2. too bad city council won’t allow chickens. they make very calm and relaxing pets.