Mar 292010

London Hydro installed my new Smart Meter today. I knew it was coming but never gave it much thought, until I opened the pamphlet that came with it.

Smart MeterThe intention of the Smart Meter program is to get us to think about how and when we use our electricity. Ideally we will use less, while redistributing our useage as much as possible throughout the day and lessening the strain during peak hours.

What will our motivation be?  Dollars and cents. When the system is up and running, our electricity will be billed to us following a Time OF Use pricing strategy formed by The Ontario Energy Board. Electricity will cost more during peak hours.

Sounds simple, some people won’t like it, and many will need to make adjustments but in the long run I expect we will see a change in how we look at our energy consumption and actually conserve some.

I think it is a good idea, but I haven’t received my first Smart Meter bill yet either!

There’s an old management adage. “What gets measured, gets done”

There are some websites with tips on smart meters and conserving energy

10 Smart Meter Lane   and PowerWise