Apr 082011

Spring is the season for renovations and, if you have the desire to revamp your home, you are embarking on the largest equity investment since purchasing.

The investment is more than just monetary: a renovation also requires significant time and energy. You can expect to sort through dozens or even hundreds of samples and explore numerous layout options before beginning your project.

Deciding on a personal style preference is a good way to simplify your renovation.

condo styleThere are three main categories of residential design: contemporary, eclectic and traditional. Contemporary design features clean lines, minimal patterns and textures, and the inspirations are industrial and futuristic. Traditional style features time-tested favourites such as crown molding, fine details on cabinetry, and subtle patterns. Eclectic style is a mixture of contemporary and traditional elements in a variety of colours and textures that can be subtle to bold. If you are unsure of your style, flip through home décor magazines for a wealth of ideas.

When renovating with a spouse or partner, keep in mind that despite your best efforts, you may never fully agree on every detail. At times like those, a strict budget can help maintain your bank account as well as the peace! When one product is $20 per square foot and another is only $15, price can be the deciding factor.

Discovering your style can help to ensure that your home has a cohesive look—something that is particularly important in compact condominiums. Whether you choose a contemporary, eclectic or traditional style, try to continue it through the entire apartment. Maintaining a similar colour palette is also helpful. For example, earth-toned, stone tiles in the bathroom can be reflected in the kitchen tile or paint colours in the living areas.

Knowing your style is essential to a stylish renovation