Sep 122011

No, I’m not talking about paying your Realtor® one dollar

New PriceWe are talking about listing your home for sale at a price of $1.00!

Imagine having your home for sale without attracting attention and knowing that a price reduction is the next step. Now imagine that you have decided to reduce your price by $1,087,999!

That’s what a family in Oakville has done. After failing to find a buyer for there one of a kind home, they apparently met with their Realtor® and and the one dollar plan was hatched.

Their bold plan is obviously trying to attract multiple offers and in effect auction their property. It has been tried before in the Toronto area with some success.

Some see it as a gimmick while others see it as faith that the market will ultimately determine what the current market value is.

Would you try it?

No, then if you are thinking of selling, start with a Market Evaluation

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