Jun 062012

Average London home price rises in May.

London home pricesThe London St. Thomas Association of Realtors  (LSTAR) released their market report for May 2012.

Here is a snippet of the release;

The average price for a home in LSTAR’s jurisdiction Year to Date stands at $240,485, an increase of $15,458 since January 2012 — an increase of 6.9%

What does that mean?   Did every home get a 6.9% raise? No. Did any home get a 6.9% raise? Probably not.

So what gives? Well, let’s look a little deeper.

The average price for a detached home over that same period stands at $257,023, up 5.3 %, while the average price for a condo stands at $168,852, down 3.4% from January.

Are you confused now? Overall prices are up 6.9% but detached homes are only up 5.3% and condos fell 3.4%. Both numbers are lower than 6.9%

The secret is in the mix. Average home prices take in all types of homes and detached home sales are up while condo sales ( typically less expensive)  are down. Therefore average price goes up.

All this was reported in the price release but I bet many people didn’t see past the 6.9% increase. Some may even have run out to the hardware store and bought a for sale sign.

If you are considering selling your home, you need to know what homes in your neighbourhood are selling for or better yet, get a free market evaluation from a local Realtor

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