Jul 032012

It’s listed, but is your home for sale?

Seems like a silly question. Who would list their home and not have it for sale?  Probably nobody, not intentionally anyway, but so often as Realtors®, we see it happen.

We see it happen when sellers fail to think like sellers. When sellers restrict showings of their home to suit only their schedule and convenience, they deny something every buyer demands, availability.

is your home for sale

 Buyers will follow the path of least resistance, if you are not “open”, they will shop and buy somewhere else. Simple as that. Retailers aren’t open 12 hours a day, seven days a week because they want more staff.

If they are really interested in my home, they will reschedule and see it another time!

No, they won’t. They will go buy your neighbour’s house

Selling your home, at times, seems like a series of inconveniences. The surest way to limit them is to make your home as available as possible, avoiding the biggest inconvenience of them all; a long listing period without a sale.

is your home for sale

Where would you shop?