Jul 252012

Time to consider a Low Maintenance Lawn?

low maintenance lawnsThe heat is on, and your lawn is either a nice shade of brown or drinking heavily from your  faucet.

Although there is a growing trend towards alternatives, lawns remain the dominant landscape feature of many Canadian homes. Lawns provide open views and a wear-tolerant soft surface for active recreation and they are relatively inexpensive to install.

However, lawns can be a lot of work. You can reduce the time, cost and environmental impacts of lawns by reducing the amount of lawn in your yard, choosing a low-maintenance lawn or doing both.

Low-maintenance lawns are made up of a diverse mix of hardy, drought-tolerant, slow-growing and low-height turfgrasses, fescues, and wear-tolerant broadleaf species such as clover . These species require less mowing, fertilizing and watering than conventional lawn species.

A low maintenance lawn typically appears less uniform than conventional lawns. For some people, low maintenance lawns may mean a shift in thinking — that a less-than-perfect appearance is well worth the savings in time and costs and the environmental benefits.  CMHC has a great, informative article about low maintenance lawns