Apr 132012

Strengthening London’s Neighbourhoods

The folks at London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy have a great website where Londoner’s can promote their neighbourhood by posting “Little Gems” or announce an event or simply share what they love about their neighbourhood.

It’s also a great place to browse and learn all about London.

Quoting their home page:


What is London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy?

The LSNS Strategy and Implementation Plan is a road map that contains the collective ideas of a group of London’s residents for creating the best city they can imagine. In order to help increase neighbourhood and community pride, this resident driven strategy hopes to make London’s neighbourhoods stronger.

We truly believe that our city can make the greatest impact if we strengthen all neighbourhoods, not just make the disadvantaged neighbourhoods better.

Our Vision: to empower our neighbourhoods to be environmentally and socially responsible, as well as create safe and active communities around London.

Go ahead, and strengthen your neighbourhood here