Jan 262012
Smart meter billing is coming

Is Smart Meter the right name? After years of delays, the first 10,000 smart meters will become active next week, with all 140,000 houses and small businesses on board by the end of March. Time of use billing will begin with three price points; Off-Peak, Mid-Peak, On-Peak. Three guesses to which is the most expensive. … Continue Reading

Aug 182010
East London Cruise Night

Quite a collection of cars and car buffs can be found Sunday evenings at the Canadian Tire on Dundas East. Their efforts, and the pride they take in them, make for quite a display. They come in all shapes and sizes, from muscle cars to vans, pick up trucks and family sedans.  

Jun 212010
Victoria Park

Victoria Park originated as a garrison for British troops in the early 1800’s, their barracks later to be used to house escaped slaves from the U.S. The British returned in 1861 as a precautionary measure during the American Civil War.  In 1874 the park was transferred to the city and renamed Victoria Park, after Queen … Continue Reading

May 262010

Two students from London made this video last year. I like it.