Aug 122010
London Real Estate in 1949 Part 2

How affordable was real estate in 1949? Last time we looked at the cost of homes in London, Ontario in 1949. From the ads posted, a 3 bedroom house complete with dining room and living room with hardwood throughout and located in what is now known as Old South could be purchased for less than … Continue Reading

Aug 102010
London Real Estate in 1949 Part 1

Was London housing affordable in 1949? Browsing a London Free Press newspaper issued on June 11,1949 I came across the real estate section of the classified ads. There were no colour photos back then and very few pictures of smiling realtors, just efficiently written ads, cramming as much info as possible in a small space.

Jul 232010
London Real Estate 1949

Record month in May 1949 Today was supposed to be the day I rearranged my office until I came across a June 11,1949 edition of the London Free Press. In the local news section I found the monthly real estate report stating 314 sales totalling $1,450,000! Great news for those of you who bought your home 61 … Continue Reading