Aug 232012
Increase your knowledge of trees

Enhance your tree knowledge and identification skills The tree on the right is an easy one.  Looks like a Red Maple, but that is the beginning and end of what I know about this tree. If your knowledge of trees is similarly challenged, consider the “FREE Tree Guru training sessions” being offered by Reforest London this fall. … Continue Reading

Aug 212012
What is Market Value

What is your home’s market value? Every month real estate statistics and opinions are posted across the country. The national statistics and opinions create the biggest splash, but how does that effect is locally? What is market value? Market value is the highest price that a property will bring to a willing seller if exposed … Continue Reading

Jul 252012
Low Maintenance Lawn

Time to consider a Low Maintenance Lawn? The heat is on, and your lawn is either a nice shade of brown or drinking heavily from your  faucet. Although there is a growing trend towards alternatives, lawns remain the dominant landscape feature of many Canadian homes. Lawns provide open views and a wear-tolerant soft surface for … Continue Reading

Jul 032012
Is Your Home for Sale

It’s listed, but is your home for sale? Seems like a silly question. Who would list their home and not have it for sale?  Probably nobody, not intentionally anyway, but so often as Realtors®, we see it happen. We see it happen when sellers fail to think like sellers. When sellers restrict showings of their … Continue Reading