Jul 232010
London Real Estate 1949

Record month in May 1949 Today was supposed to be the day I rearranged my office until I came across a June 11,1949 edition of the London Free Press. In the local news section I found the monthly real estate report stating 314 sales totalling $1,450,000! Great news for those of you who bought your home 61 … Continue Reading

Jul 192010
Mower Racing

Not related to real estate but interesting I think it is  called, extreme mower racing, but to borrow  a General Motor’s tag line; “these aren’t your father’s mowers” They have classes for  little kids and big kids, from stock to alcohol burning outlaws and from the viewpoint I had last week, it looks like the … Continue Reading

Jul 122010
June 2010 MLS statistics

June 2010 sees MLS sales volume decreasing as price increases slightly. The London and area real estate market, while slowing is still healthy. June 2010 had lowers sales volume than a year ago but prices were up. Despite June’s dip in sales, year to date sales figures are still well ahead of this time last … Continue Reading

Jun 212010
Victoria Park

Victoria Park originated as a garrison for British troops in the early 1800’s, their barracks later to be used to house escaped slaves from the U.S. The British returned in 1861 as a precautionary measure during the American Civil War.  In 1874 the park was transferred to the city and renamed Victoria Park, after Queen … Continue Reading