Jun 042010
MLS Statistics May 2010

MLS sales up from a year ago The London- St. Thomas Association of Realtors reports that May 2010 was the 8th consecutive month to perform better than that same month a year ago. Sales were up 2.3% for detached homes and 10.8% for condos. All in all, 898 homes exchanged hands, a modest improvement over … Continue Reading

May 262010

Two students from London made this video last year. I like it.

May 112010
HST and you

HST is almost here! T-Day (T for tax) is coming July 1st, 2010 with surprisingly little protest. The cost of many basic items, such as natural gas, gasoline, internet services, most repairs, taxis, etc are about to rise. I don’t see many luxury items there. Your basic cost of living is going up. Let’s hope they spend … Continue Reading

May 062010
Dream Homes

Dreaming of a super-sized home? Forbes.com has put out a report on the most expensive homes in America. America’s Most Expensive Homes Amenity-laden properties at the top of the market continue to command just as lofty prices Photos: America’s Most Expensive Homes In Video: $150 Million Celebrity Castle Inside America’s most expensive home located near … Continue Reading