Apr 272010
London city council didn't chicken out

London’s city council has decided to not allow backyard chicken coops in our fair city. Personally I am relieved. Can you imagine a hot, sweltering July afternoon in a neighbourhood where the backyards are small and close together, crammed with chicken coops. What about the manure? City slickers might actually get turned off of eggs … Continue Reading

Mar 292010
Smart Meters

London Hydro installed my new Smart Meter today. I knew it was coming but never gave it much thought, until I opened the pamphlet that came with it. The intention of the Smart Meter program is to get us to think about how and when we use our electricity. Ideally we will use less, while¬†redistributing … Continue Reading

Mar 082010
Boundary maps for Thames Valley Schools

Are you thinking of moving? Wondering where the kids might go to school? The Thames Valley District School Board has on-line maps illustrating school boundaries. Granted they are a guideline only and you should contact the school board for a definitive answer, they are a great tool to start with, especially now when neighbourhoods, school … Continue Reading

Feb 222010
Not Yet Mandatory Home Energy Audits

Without these regulations, the Mandatory Home Energy Audit section of the Green Energy Act has no effect and establishes no requirements on present real estate transactions.