Mar 172012
Tree Power

Tree Power Program 2012 Spring is here! Harness the power of trees by planting a native hardwood tree in your yard. London Hydro and the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority are providing native hardwood trees for Londoners at the best price ever! Online orders open on Monday, April 2nd at 8 am Once your online … Continue Reading

Mar 122012
Show your home not your treasures

De-clutter is a bad word. Realtors® are often confronted with the hopeful home seller who just has too much”stuff”.  Souvenirs, knick-nacks, antiques, children’s shop projects, collectibles, photos of their grandparents, photo of their grandchildren; to a potential buyer it is all “stuff” If you tell a potential seller that they need to de-clutter, their  “stuff” … Continue Reading

Feb 282012
Price Reductions and Time on the Market

How long has it been on the market?  This is a question many buyers ask. The thought behind it is often one of two things. Either there’s something wrong with the home or the price is too high. Both of these notions may need clarification. Let’s deal with the first thought. Home buyers need to … Continue Reading

Feb 152012
Home Staging Tips for Quick Resale

 Are you wondering what you can do to sell your home quickly Without spending a lot of money in home renovations? All you may need is some practical advice on how to showcase your home to attract potential buyers. A buyer makes a decision whether or not they want to buy your home within 5 … Continue Reading