Marketing Your Home


The business of selling real estate is a very competitive one, bombarding us with “choose me” messages on billboards, at bus stops, in our mailboxes and on the radio. A lot of these messages have big smiling faces on them and some of them may even tell you what services they provide.

Every REALTOR can;Every Realtor

  • Provide a “Free Market Evaluation”
  • Place a “For Sale” sign
  • Hold an “Open House” for Realtors
  • Hold a public “Open House”
  • Print Feature Sheets
  • Advertise on
  • Provide print advertising


As your REALTOR;

In addition to the preceding I will;

  • Provide a “Room by Room” review prior to listingAs your realtor
  • Provide a complimentary Home Stager consultation
  • Provide a “Home Seller’s Reference Manual
  • Promote your home with multiple websites
  • Listing will include several photos and slide show
  • Direct colour marketing to your neighbourhood
  • Provide written progress/activity reports
  • Provide written cancellation policy

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