Jul 252012
Low Maintenance Lawn

Time to consider a Low Maintenance Lawn? The heat is on, and your lawn is either a nice shade of brown or drinking heavily from your  faucet. Although there is a growing trend towards alternatives, lawns remain the dominant landscape feature of many Canadian homes. Lawns provide open views and a wear-tolerant soft surface for … Continue Reading

Oct 072011
Get your garden ready for fall

Is your garden ready for fall? The last ripe tomato plucked from the vine and leaves turning to gold and red herald the end of another summer and the beginning of a more lush and beautiful lawn and garden next year.  That is,if you take a few steps in advance of the cold weather. Start … Continue Reading

Apr 082011
Discover Your Renovation Style

Spring is the season for renovations and, if you have the desire to revamp your home, you are embarking on the largest equity investment since purchasing. The investment is more than just monetary: a renovation also requires significant time and energy. You can expect to sort through dozens or even hundreds of samples and explore … Continue Reading

Feb 142011
London Home Prices a Bargain

Updated April 11th, 2011 The London-St.Thomas area continues to maintain its position as one of the more affordable major centres in the country.  According to the CREA’s National MLS® Report for February 2011, the average price year‐to‐date for: